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Buffalo CarShare has ceased operations as of June 15, 2015 and is not accepting new members.

Application Fee & Qualifications
Thank you for applying! There is a one-time $20 application fee to check your driving record. If you apply and your driving record does not meet our eligibility requirements, your application fee cannot be refunded, so please make sure you are eligible before applying.

Individual Membership
Sign up for a personal account
For single-driver households.

Friends and Family Membership
1) Sign up for a joint account
Share an account with friends and family and save money! There can only be one credit/debit card linked to this account.

2) Add an extra driver to your account
Only $5/month per extra driver.

Business or Non-profit Membership
For Employers
Apply to start a business or non-profit account
Carsharing is an affordable, green solution for your organization. Non-profits receive FREE membership. Employees can log on and reserve a vehicle, and the company or organization will be billed monthly. Carsharing reduces the cost of fleet ownership or the need of employee vehicle reimbursements. We also have two 7-passenger minivans.

For Employees
Sign up for work and personal use
Join your company or organization's business account and create an extra account for personal use that has no monthly membership fee.

Sign up for work purposes only
Join your company or organization's business account and use carsharing exclusively for work purposes.

College or University Clubs and other such networks
If you are interested in using Buffalo CarShare for your college or university club, please contact Jennifer White: (716) 898-0850 ext. 109 or J.White@BuffaloCarShare.org.

Promotion for Buffalo State Student, Teachers and Staff