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Buffalo CarShare Pricing

Buffalo CarShare members have an option when it comes to deciding what type of plan they would like to sign up for.

Buffalo Settler
For occassional use, once or twice a month, or less than five hours per month.

Buffalo Roamer
For frequent use, perhaps once a week, or more than five hours per month.

Switching Rate Plans
Members can switch back and forth between Settler or Roamer by calling our office the month before they wish to switch. There is no fee for switching rate plans.

Business and Non-profit Memberships
If your staff frequently needs to drive to meetings, conferences, or business lunches with their own vehicles, Buffalo CarShare may be a more convenient and affordable alternative for you!

Using BCS eliminates the need to reimburse employees and keep track of their mileage. Simply pay one itemized invoice monthly. It also saves employees from having to put mileage and wear + tear on their own personal vehicle.

Employees can also receive free personal membership. They would have access to the entire fleet for only $8 an hour, which includes gas, tax, maintenance, mileage, and insurance. We also have two 7 passenger minivans.

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