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Click here for a PDF report on how we've grown and how we've made an impact on the community during our first two years.

The idea of a Car Sharing service in Buffalo started in early 2007, when four Engineering and MBA students at UB developed a business plan as part of the Panasci Technology Entrepreneurship Competition. The students advanced to the finals of the competition but were unable to win because the New York State insurance market had not yet embraced the car sharing concept.

As time passed, several students and community members began to revive the concept as a non-profit service organization, and the insurance "hurdle" was passed in the summer of 2008. Since June 2008, volunteers have been advancing in bringing this concept towards a reality.

NYSERDA Buffalo Carshare was recently awarded funding totalling $149,000 through a partnership between the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA) and the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). These funds will help to reimburse us for many of the costs associated with launching service.

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