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Carsharing is a service that offers the peace-of-mind of the automobile without the up-front costs, hassles, or environmental impacts of private vehicle ownership. Members rent vehicles on an hourly basis for errands or an irregular trip, while relying on other modes of transportation (such as walking, bicycling, taking transit or carpooling) for their daily commute.

Buffalo Car Share members can visit our website to view the locations of cars available and reserve a vehicle for the amount of time they need. The website will also show them when the other cars are booked, allowing them to make their plans according to availability. Members can also make a reservation over the phone.

When the reservation comes up, the member goes out to the car, uses an electronic key fob to access the car, and then drives the car as if they owned it. The car tracks the time out, time returned, and miles traveled. The car is returned to the same spot it was taken from and is then available to the next member.

The cost of tax, gas, insurance, maintenance, and 50 miles are all included in the rental, which is either $8 or $11 per hour depending on use, with daily rates for longer trips. Members also pay a monthly membership fee of either $5 or $20 depending on use. Check out our different plans for more information on pricing.

Anyone 18 or older with a relatively clean driving record can become a member. Members who are 18-20 must have supplemental driving insurance or be covered under another person's plan. Members who are 21 and older will be insured for use of any cars within the Buffalo CarShare fleet. Membership is most convenient for those that live within ½ mile of vehicle locations, but membership is open to anyone interested, and accessing the vehicles from Metro Bus or Rail is easy.

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